The Speed Test
2.5 Mile wireles point to point connection

Setup notes on a 2.5 mile wireless point to point network using Ubiquiti Bullet2HP's


I work for a Communications company that does Metro Ethernet in Oregon, Idaho and Washignton state.   One of the bennefits of being an employee is to get free internet access.  You can get that in one of two ways.

1) T1 connection 1.544 Mbps

2) Bonded DS0's about 10 Mbps depending on how far away from the Central Office you are.

Well I am a little to far from the CO to get the bonded ds0's so I got the T1.  Now most of you know that T1's were the coolest thing to have about 10 years ago and the only people that even had them were office's.  Now they are slow espcially when trying to watch netflix at about 4Mbps streams that they push out.

So I started thinking one day when I was on my back deck looking down to my office about 2.5 miles away.  What if I could shoot a wireless signal from the office to my house?  Would that be reliable enough?  Would it work?  If it worked, would it be fast enough?

I decided to go out on the internet to do a little research.  I found some guys were able to make this work with pringals cans and some modifications to antennas.  I knew that it could work because we do wireless shots in the licensed spectrum all the time at my place of employment.

Enough said. I decided to do it. With much research on the web, I found a fairly new company that was saying that they had the most powerful 802.11b/g radio out at the time.  This would be unlicensed radio spectrum.  I wanted something cheap since I would have to front the cost.  The raido's that I decided on was the Ubiquiti Bullet2HP's from

I ordered two of these guys.  One for the office and one for the house.


I also ordered the power supply to go with it.  (you have to order these seperate).

Then it was time to find an antenna to go with this bull2hp. Long range is what I was going for.  2.5 miles to be exact.  I found this distance by using google earth.


 I knew I wanted a directional antenna so I could get as much of the signal back and forth and I had good line of sight.   I went to and started looking at antennas. I ended up going with the 14dBi Panel Antenna (product number PANL-A0005 from poynting. Using google earth I found that most of the signal would make it where I needed to go.  You can download the manual here.


The above picture is the antenna mast at work that I will mount my radio and antenna too.

This is the view from work to my house.  I am 2.5 miles directly past the right of the green towers.

These pictures are from my house back to work.  I just mounted it using a satelite arm.

As you can see from the above pictures, the airos is great.  I found the network speed test to be pretty acurate when comparing it to my iperf results. 

I connected the office side directly into the Cisco 6509 backbone switch.  I now have a 10Mbps internet connection up/down with no bandwidth limitations or port's being blocked.  Best of all.  I did all of this for under $400.00.

(I am not done with this page.  Just ran out of time for right now.  Check in again around 6-01-2010)

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